A million young cheerleaders who are readers of American Cheerleader magazine will find a spotlight on Science Cheerleader in the current issue of the magazine (featuring Heather Morris of Glee on the cover). In it, we launch our penpal program (penpal@sciencecheerleader.com)  as one way to connect young cheerleaders  to the Science Cheerleaders. American Cheerleader estimates there are 3-4 million cheerleaders in the U.S.
Here’s the cool blurb about Science Cheerleader:
Cheerleaders Have Brains AND Beauty: “When you think of cheerleading, science doesn’t usually come to mind. Because of this, former 76ers cheerleader Darlene Cavalier decided to bring the two worlds together–and formed Science Cheerleaders. The squad consists of NBA and NFL cheerleaders who not only know how to pump up the spirit on the sidelines, but are whizzes in the classroom, too! Together they’re crushing cheer stereotypes and inspiring young girls to pursue science. Readers who’d like to be pen pals with these amazing athletes can email them at: penpal@sciencecheerleader.com ”
Last month, the magazine featured an online interview with Eagles Cheerleader/Science Cheerleader Amy Mecca.

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