First Open-Source Satellite Project Launches Kickstarter Campaign
NanoSatisfi LLC, Science Cheerleader, SciStarter, and Discover Magazine have officially joined forces to launch a funding and public outreach campaign for the ArduSat, (Arduino Satellite) project, which will be the first satellite to give hobbyists, students, universities, and the general public direct, affordable, and open access to a satellite in space. ArduSat is the pilot satellite of NanoSatisfi’s YES (Your Experiment in Space) initiative, which will let anyone design, write and run their own space-based experiments, steer the onboard cameras to take pictures on-demand, and even broadcast personalized messages back to Earth. The target audience of the project is the DIY community, space enthusiasts, students, and high-tech hobbyists; however, the satellite’s scientific payload is designed entirely around the open-source Arduino standard, which, along with a web interfaces and sample template programs, is intended to be usable by any member of the general public.
Want to run your own experiment from space? Or send a personalized message or take your own photos from space?
NOW is your chance. The opportunity to get involved in this effort ends in 29 days. Leran more and/or get started, here.

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