Sarah helps a student at Friendship Public Schools get excited about presenting his research at the STEM Fair

Sarah meet with Dr. Loretta Web, Organizational and Leadership Development, Former Superintendent of Fairfax Schools (left) and Sue White, Director of STEM for the Friendship Public Charter Schools (center)

On February 24, 2018 Science Cheerleader Sarah attended the Friendship Public Charter School’s STEM Fair in Washington, DC. Sarah is passionate about STEM outreach in the Washington, D.C. area, and is a hometown hero having cheered for the Baltimore Blast, Baltimore Brigade, and Chesapeake Bayhawks! Sarah was able to speak to the participating children, their families, teachers, administrators, and judges, about her passion for science, and how it has influenced her career. Sarah was the first speaker to kick-off the STEM Fair at the Opening Ceremony. It was her priority to help get all of the children excited, and less nervous about the judging of their experiments that would occur later in the day.
The STEM Fair brought students face-to-face with leaders in the STEM industry, who assisted in judging, hosting workshops and various exhibits. During Sarah’s time spent at the STEM Fair, she was able to meet the participants and talk to them about how they came up with their ideas for their projects. Sarah even shared with a few participants that she remembered her science fair project from middle school which was about tooth decay and which drinks (soda, lemonade, tea, and water) cause decay to occur the quickest.
Stay tuned for more events with the Science Cheerleaders in Washington, DC, like the upcoming USA Science & Engineering Festival!
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