The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropic organization committed to advancing brain research and to educating the public in a responsible manner about research’s potential: (1) to develop a better understanding of the brain and its functions; (2) to speed the discovery of treatments for brain disorders; and (3) to combat the stigma of brain disorders through education.  Recently, the Dana Foundation published an interview with Science Cheerleader Hilary. In the discussion she talked about our mission and what it’s like to do STEM outreach as a Science Cheerleader and a practicing researcher.
Here’s an excerpt:

Do you have any tips for scientists who want to engage with younger audiences to encourage a career in STEM or a general curiosity and love of science?
Personally, the most impactful people in my career path have been those who are truly passionate about their work. When you share that passion with someone, it becomes infectious, and they get excited about what you’re doing, too! I would encourage anyone who is interested in inspiring young people to engage in STEM to reach out to the Science Cheerleaders and get involved, and also to visit the SciStarter site and choose a citizen science project that matches your passions. Collect a group to do the project together, and help solve real problems with top scientists. You can change a young person’s life by helping them take the first step!

Read, “An Interview with Science Cheerleader Hilary Nicholson,” on the Dana Foundation’s website.

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