Use bubbles to measuring wind

Looking for valuable, summertime activities to do with your family? Have I got ideas for you! has hundreds of awesome opportunities for you and your family to do something fun while contributing to scientific research.
Don’t just take my word for it (after all, I’m incredibly biased…I founded Science For Citizens). Here’s an excerpt from  a very recent post, giving two thumbs up to SciCheer’s sister site,

Science for Citizens cofounder, Darlene Cavalier, understands that not everyone who is interested in science was good at it in school. However, she believes that shouldn’t matter. Science should still be accessible to anyone who is interested, and it’s never too late to take an interest or revisit the subject  — especially with one’s kids. One of the core concepts of citizen science is that even people, who are not formally trained in science, should still be able to participate and possibly make a meaningful contribution. Through her organization, families of all experience levels can find fun, recreational and learning-based projects and, if they choose, even pursue those that are of a more serious scientific undertaking.
To get started, just head over to the project finder at: where you can search by area or interest. For examples, projects range from Craywatch — wading in streams to tracking invasive crayfish — to NoiseTube. NoiseTube participants install an app on their phones that allows them to track noise pollution. For those in colder climates, IceWatch USA asks families to record how much ice they see on lakes and rivers to help scientists understand climate change. Regardless of how you’d like to support and encourage your kids to take an interest in nature and science, you’re sure to find something fun to do together. To learn more about Science for Citizens, click here!

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