GOOO Dr. Ohab! You’ve seen his first-person accounts of citizen science projects, right here on Science Cheerleader. His day job, as host of Armed with Science, just nabbed this rave review:
Science on the airwaves: eight podcasts you shouldn’t miss.

Armed with Science, originates from the Pentagon and is hosted by John Ohab, an emerging media strategist for the Department of Defense and a PhD in neuroscience. Ohab interviews scientists who work with the military on everything from nantechnology to medicine to psychology. The focus is how scientific disciplines apply to military applications, but the content of this well-produced show ought to interest practically anyone. The approach is straight news and the format is short, just 30 minutes. If you listen to the live webcast (2 p.m. ET), you can email or tweet your questions and they will be answered live by Ohab’s guest. The show is archived so you can listen whenever you like.

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