One of the projects I’m working on for Discover Magazine is a four-part energy event series on Capitol Hill, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and two professional engineering societies (IEEE and ASME).
Why energy? In short:

“The future of our economy and national security is inextricably linked to one challenge: energy,” President Obama.

Each of the four Capitol Hill events features a scientist and a policy wonk as they present some straight talk–to Hill staffers, media reps, scientists/engineers, business leaders and the general public–on four key energy topics:
Bio Fuels, Energy Storage, Increasing Efficiencies (coming September 17), and Transitional Technologies (October 15).
The live, dynamic discussions are videotaped and packaged with the speakers’ powerpoint presentations. You can view them here on  I promise, you’ll learn a great deal of important information on specific issues of concern to our environment, economy, security and general well-being of our children. You’ll even learn how Dan Nocera from MIT splits water to make fuel and why he believes the best solar storage is photosynthesis (storing solar power has proven to be quite a challenge). See Energy Storage.
Science Cheerleader reporter, Dr. John Ohab, attended one of the events and has some behind-the-scenes video interviews with the panelists, sponsors and me. We’ll get that posted soon.

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