Delighted to have been invited to speak at this important event. Kindly join in the discussion, in person or online.

From Shawn Otto, CEO of
“The great press continues – we are affecting the presidential discussion. But now we need to take this conversation to a new level. Please tell friends, colleagues and associates interested in the future of America to join us in Minnesota on October 20-21st for a very exciting national discussion at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy. Register now – space is limited.
Nobel laureate Peter Agre
Science broadcaster Ira Flatow
Our discussions will cover Innovation and the economy, Science and the Elections, STEM and the education crisis in America, Energy Security & Sustainability – what’s missing from the debate, and Rekindling America’s love affair with Science. Visit for more details. We will also have some very special high-tech art presentations.”
Some of our confirmed speakers and panelists:
Some of our confirmed speakers and panelists:
•    Andrew Fire, Nobel laureate and Professor of Pathology and Genetics, Stanford University
•    Bill Bates, Vice President of the Council on Competitiveness
•    Darlene Cavalier,
•    Kei Koizumi, Director, R&D Budget & Policy, American Assn for the Advancement of Science
•    Lawrence Krauss, astrophysicist, science policy speaker, and popular author
•    Chris Mooney, Washington Correspondent for Seed and popular author
•    Jan Morrison – Executive Director; TIES Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM
•    Michael T. Osterholm, Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP)
•    Shawn Lawrence Otto, screenwriter and CEO, Science Debate 2008
•    Eugenie Scott, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education
•    Alice Seagren, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Education
•    Susan Singer – Carlton College; Board on Science Education of the National Academies
•    Manil Suri, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Maryland, Baltimore and popular author
•    Susan  Wood, former FDA Director of Women’s Health and Research Professor, GWU
•    Mary Woolley,  President of Research!America,
and many more, along with a few very special surprises.
The Obama and McCain campaigns have been invited.
“Clearly, the fundamental drivers of the U.S. economy need attention,” said Shawn Lawrence Otto, CEO of Science Debate 2008, cosponsor of the event.  “Innovation in science and technology has driven half of America’s economic growth since WWII, but the global landscape is changing.  We need to forge a new path to remain a first rate economy.”   Otto said national experts will meet at the conference to explore strategies the United States needs to take to retain and renew its global leadership in innovation into the future.  “Most of the major challenges facing the U.S. revolve around 14 key questions of science and technology.”

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