SciCheers Samantha and Dr. Wendy had another fantastic time at this year’s STEM Girl Day.

This event is hosted at UT Austin by Women in STEM (WiSTEM). The goals of this event are to:
1. Increase pre-college participants’ sense of belonging in STEM, STEM identity, and self-efficacy in STEM.
2. Educate STEM college students and corporate/community volunteers how to be positive STEM role models and engage in STEM community outreach.
3. Provide opportunities for STEM college students to develop leadership, mentoring, interpersonal, and communication skills.

Over 9,000 K-8th graders attended the event.

Samantha and Dr. Wendy led two hands-on activities this year: In my DNA and All About Binary.

They also led a science cheer with members of the UT Austin AMSA chapter and the Texas Lassos at the ending pep rally to close out the event.

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