Hey football fans! All four of the teams in the NFL Conference Championships today (Ravens, Patriots, 49ers, and the Falcons) have cheerleaders pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, math and health fields! We are featuring our interviews with the Science Cheerleaders from the NFL teams still in the running for the Superbowl!
Close as it is to Silicon Valley, the San Francisco 49ers’ Cheerleaders have a gold mine of Science Cheerleaders! Good luck to the 17 Science Cheerleaders on the 49ers Gold Rush cheer team: Alexa, Carmen, Chelsea, Christi, Christine, Daisy, Francesca, Jennifer, Kayla, Kelsie, Maria, Priscilla, Rachel, Sydni, Taylor, Tina, and Tyesha!
The Atlanta Falcons have 39 cheerleaders, 10 of whom are Science Cheerleaders ! Good luck to you Avis, Dana, Emily, Erin, Kat, Kelsi, Kristy, Natalie, Sydney, and Tiffany!
The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders have always been a productive source of science-minded cheerleaders (male and female cheerleaders!): ). This year the Ravens boast 12 Science Cheerleaders! We wish you well Adriene, Dana, Gabrielle, Jo, Kristen, Leslie, Lindsay, NaShanta, Rachel, Sammi Jo, Sarah, and Serena–as well as stuntmen Bryan Omololu, Tony, Greg, and Sean!
The Boston area is home to many prestigious universities including Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and more, which have educated many of the Science Cheerleaders on the New England Patriots’ cheerleading team. Good luck to Britni, Caitie, Erica, Patricia, and Siobhan!
Be sure to check out the Emmy Award-winning Science of NFL Football video series we co-produced with NBC Learn, NBC Sports, the NFL and the National Science Foundation!

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