Meet Rani, a recent cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs AND the Arizona Cardinals who holds a B.S. in Exercise Science! Rani will be performing with the Science Cheerleaders in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 10, 2011 in an effort to get kids jazzed about science and encourage adults to get involved in citizen science activities! [Updated 1/1/14]

“What a rewarding opportunity to be able to set an example to millions of soon-to-be scientists and youth cheerleaders. It is quite spectacular to be a science cheerleader, and the more the merrier, so join us, please!!”

“I’m looking forward to exciting things to come with Science Cheerleader! Last year [2013], I earned my MA in secondary teaching and am currently teaching high school Biology and directing a high school spirit line. I love getting my students excited about Life Science!

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