Here’s a terrific Public Service Announcement promoting a new network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) collaborating to protect ocean wildlife in California. It was created by Randy Olson (author of “Don’t Be SUCH A Scientist” and producer of “Sizzle” and “Flock of Dodos”).
Check out the accompanying (very cool) MPA website and more importantly, consider getting involved. The site offers plenty of ways for citizen scientists to participate in efforts to protect ocean wildlife.
This just in: we have until October 17th to tell President Obama that we care about the oceans. Here’s an excerpt from Sheril Kirshenbaum’s blog:
Go visit and tell the White House Council on Environmental Quality that you support a comprehensive national policy to protect, maintain and restore our oceans and coasts.
The 30 day comment period ends on the 17th. For inspiration, once again, here’s My Top Ten List of reasons why oceans are vital:

  1. Ocean critters generate a good deal of the oxygen we breathe.
  2. We’re talking 99% of the habitat, 97% of the water, and 71% of surface on the planet!
  3. Oceans drive climate and weather through transfer of water and heat.
  4. Most U.S. commerce travels through the nation’s ports.
  5. Oceans account for a $20 billion recreational fishing industry… not to mention, a $60 billion annual seafood industry.
  6. And we’re talking $8 trillion estimated in oil and gas reserves.
  7. They support nearly 50 percent of all species on Earth.
  8. Over 50% of our nation’s population lives in coastal counties.
  9. Oceans mitigate the effects of CO2 in the atmosphere at their own expense… (okay, and ultimately ours).
  10. Marine animals and plants produce a ton of compounds that prevent and treat human disease.

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