A recent copy of our Project MERCCURI press release
Updated news coverage and links to all the clips, below, can be found at SpaceMicrobes.org/press :
‘Science Cheerleaders’ Send Experiment into Space | ABC-7 TV News (4-18-14)
The SpaceX Launch Is Sending Dinosaur Microbes to the Space Station Gizmodo | (4-18-14)
What Do NFL Cheerleaders, Tesla Founder Elon Musk, Toilet Bacteria, And The Space Station Have In Common? | 99.7 Now (4-18-14)
SpaceX Rocket Launches To Space Station After Long Delay | AP Wire (4-18-14)
Sue the dinosaur heads to the final frontier | WBEZ Chicago Radio (4-17-14)
Yes, NASA Has A Good Reason Sending Germs From Beloved Dinosaur Into Space | Huffington Post (4-15-14)
5 Weird Things Launching Into Space on SpaceX’s Dragon Spacecraft Monday | Space.com (4-14-14)
Sue the T. rex’s voyage to space delayed | Chicago Tribune News (4-14-14)
3, 2, 1…Project MERCCURI Blasts Off to the ISS Today!! | PLOS Blogs (4-14-14)
What Happens to Bacteria in Space? | Gizmodo (4-10-14)
Mapping microbes across the globe | WHYY Radio, Philadelphia (4-10-14)
Microbes from Chittenango to Blast Into Space | Madison County Courier (4-6-14)
Space Station Live: “Crowdsourced” Microbes Heading to Station | NASA TV (4-3-14)
GA Tech Students Launch Microbes into Space | Fox 5 TV News Atlanta (4-3-14)
Sue’s Microbes Head To The Space Station | WGN 720 Radio (4-1-14)
‘Sue the T. Rex’s microbes to be launched into space | Chicago Tribune (3-28-14)
Project MERCCURI Google Hangout | Learning Space hosted by CosmoQuest (3-26-14)
Project MERCCURI ‘crowdsourced’ space station samples take flight | Phys.org (3-14-14)
Microbes to travel into space in novel UC Davis project involving cheerleaders | Sacramento Bee (3-14-14)
Microbes in Spaaaaaace | Slate.com (3-14-14)
Spring Break Science | Kare11 TV News (3-14-14)
UC Davis researchers collect microbes to send into space | KCRA TV News (3-13-14)
UC Davis student excels in classroom and as pro cheerleader | Sac10 TV News (3-13-14)
Project MERCCURI “Crowdsourced” Space Station Samples Take Flight | NASA (3-12-14)
Microbes in space | UC Davis Press Release and video (3-12-14)
Cheerleaders’ Space Station Experiment to Grow Space History One Microbe at a Time | Space.com (3-12-14)
Microbes in space | Capitol Public Radio interview, (3-12-14)
Microbes, prepare for blast-off | UC Press Release (3-12-14)
Space Microbes “Selfies” Set to Fly | Inside Outer Space (3-12-14)
Cheerleaders’ space station experiment to grow space history one microbe at a time | CollectSpace.com (3-11-14)
Space Florida ISS Research Competition Winners to Fly 3/16 on SpaceX CRS-3 | Spaceref.com (3-10-14)
A tale of cheerleaders, microbes, and orbit | Philly.com (3-3-14)
Microbial Super Bowl in Space | Science Magazine News of the Week (2-21-14)
#SpaceMicrobes | The Kitchen Pantry Scientist (2-17-14)
Patriots Cheerleaders participate in project for the International Space Station | New England Patriots (2-5-14)
Prep in Space | St. Joseph’s Preparatory School (2-4-14)
PR Meets Hard Science in Project MERCCURI | DIY Space Exploration (1-27-14)
Science Cheerleaders Help Send Microbes to Space | Inside Science TV News (11-14-13)
Anchors learn which bacteria live in Studio 1A | Today Show TV News (11-12-13)
Today Goes to Space | Today Show TV News (10-29-13)
Gilbert, Tempe participate in national microbe-swabbing project | East Valley Tribune (7-24-13)
Shoe Science | Philly Shoe Fairy Blog (5-28-13)
PWLS & Science Cheerleaders to Study Microbes in Space | Pop Warner (5-16-13)
Project MERCCURI | Scientific American (3-19-13)
Scientists call for your “good” germs to be sent to space | Kare11 TV News (2-27-13)
Cheering microbes into space | UC Davis News & Information (12-5-12)
Winning teams for the Space Florida ISS Research Competition| Space Florida
Citizen science in space! | SciStarter Blog (11-29-12)
Space Florida Announces ISS Research Competition Winners at (11-29-12)

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