The Top Science Questions Facing America: 2012 Edition
During the last Presidential election, I grew tired of the candidates’ avoidance of science topics during their debates, so with the help of a friend, I put together this cheeky video of a mock Presidential science debate between President Obama and Senator McCain:

Four years later, here we are facing the prospect that, once again, the candidates might ignore invitations to address some very serious, national science policy discussions. If the folks at Science Debate have their way, this won’t happen. Science Debate is an organization working hard to restore science and innovation to America’s political dialogue. I’m part of this group and I invite you to join us in our push to have the candidates answer some critical science questions during a nationally televised debate.
What do YOU think are the top science questions the candidates for president should answer? We’ve posted the original 14 from 2008, preceded by their question numbers, and users have added others. Vote for those you feel are most important, add comments, or add your own! Check back often to vote on the new questions.
A suggestion: look at the questions we asked the candidates in 2008 and craft your question in a similar way. We’re not interested in quizzing candidates on the 4th digit of pi or the particulars of cell mitosis. We want to know their positions on the big science and engineering policy questions that affect all our lives. The questions we will consider most successful will probe the candidates on the important issues of our day around science.
Get started. Find your voice!
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