More pictures are pouring in from our Pop Warner/Project MERCCURI team activities! This is a guest blog post from Science Cheerleader Tracy, who joined the Fox Valley Gators in IL to collect microbes for our research project!
On Saturday August 31st, Mother Nature threatened to postpone our experiment but when it comes to the determination of cheerleaders, nothing will stop us! As we waited out the rain delays in the field house we reminded ourselves that every experiment and performance needs prep time so that’s exactly what we did!
PW IL 001

The Fox Valley Gators cheerleaders (even one in a cast!) were very excited to be part of Project MERCCURI.

PW IL 002

Once the rain stopped, we went out into the stands to recruit participants!
PW IL 003

PW IL 004
PW IL 005

After all the microbial swabbing was complete, we took a group picture and individual pictures of each girl as a memory of this exciting day!

Then we gave each girl a Project MERCCURI Patch for her participation in the science experiment and a Pom Pom filled with candy for their great spirit! And what kind of candy, you might ask? Smarties for the group of Smarties I had the privilege of working! We named the candy filled poms Smartie Poms!

PW IL 008

Good luck to the Fox Valley Gators this season! It was a pleasure spending the day with you!
PW IL 009

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