Darlene and the Science Cheerleaders

We  just returned from the  USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC! What a blast! The Science Cheerleaders performed science themed routines, led Science Cheers, talked about their careers as cheerleaders and scientists/engineers AND engaged people in citizen science projects with SciStarter! They even kicked off their new project: NASA’s Asteroid Initiative.
Here are some fun pictures from the event. If you have some, please post them on our Facebook fan page or share them on Twitter using the #scicheer hashtag.
Bart Leahy
Event Manager
Science Cheerleader

Joe Hanson, from PBS Digital, interviews Science Cheerleaders

Give Me an E

Science Cheerleaders lead a Science Cheer

Megand and a Fan Cheer for Science

Science Cheerleader Megan is treated to a Science Cheer

Pamitha and Fans

Science Cheerleader’s Pamitha engaged hundreds of visitors.

SciCheer Guys

The SciCheer Guys: Elliott, John, Bart, and Pamitha

Being a Neutron


Bill Nye and the Science Cheerleaders

Bill Nye and the Science Cheerleaders

Bill Nye, Talmesha and Alexa

Bill Nye, Talmesha and Alexa



Wendy Felecia and Fans

Found some future SciCheers!

Goofing Off With Microbe Swabs

SciStarter team goofs off with Space Microbes!

Bart the Gopher Booth Selfie

Well, hello! That’s me. Bart!

Bart and the Science Cheerleaders

Work, work, WORK!


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