GOOOO Philly! Way to ROCK THE EARTH! These 700 students from Masterman School performed Science Cheerleader’s one-minute Big Cheer for Science on Friday 4/27. This cheer activated sensors at the school provided by the U. S. Geological Survey. The school will now be part of a national network to measure and record seismic activities for years to come. In fact, every school that participated and received the sensor as part of the Big Cheer, will become part of that network. Learn more about the Big Cheer for Science and its scientific merit on our sister site, SciStarter.
HUGE thanks to Mayor Nutter for his AWESOME work leading the Big Cheer. Special thanks to the St. Joe’s Cheerleaders who helped lead the cheer; Pop Warner Scholars for their help; Gerri Trooskin, Director of the Philadelphia Science Festival for her key role; Masterman School for making this happen; and the School of Rock (with Eagles full back Owen Schmitt on guitar and , ehem, my daughter on bass on vocals) for getting the kids totally pumped up before the cheer! Check
out this video, courtesy of Kishore Hari.
Great job, kids!!

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