trachoma-research-300x250-1What is the most important thing the U.S. can do to improve global health over the next 15 years?
A passionate, convincing answer to that question is all you need to be eligible for $1,000 and publication by the CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health. Submit your 500-800 word entries by November 20, 2009, and your innovative idea will be included in a January 2010 report that charts the future for U.S. global health policy.
CSIS is specifically looking for ideas that are sustainable for the long-term (15 years or more) and impact the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. If you’ve had a personal experience in global health, either as a professional or volunteer, use your stories to illustrate your point. Importantly, students and non-students will be judged for prizes in their respective category, which means we won’t be competing with tenured professors or world-renowned experts. CSIS is most interested in personal, persuasive arguments that will bring about major change.
One idea . One thousand dollars. And only one week left!
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