Moon Zoo: Crater Survey from The Zooniverse on Vimeo.
Today, NASA and the Citizen Science Alliance presented Moon Zoo to the world!
ANYONE with internet access can sign up and start identifying craters and other features of the moon courtesy of images of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
“We need Web users around the world to help us interpret these stunning new images of the lunar surface,” said Chris Lintott of Oxford University and chair of the Citizen Science Alliance, according to a NASA news release. “If you only spend five minutes on the site counting craters you’ll be making a valuable contribution to science and, who knows, you might run across a Russian spacecraft.”
I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris last week. We’re looking at ways and the Citizen Science Alliance (as well as other groups with our shared mission of advancing opportunities for citizen scientists) might collaborate. I guess the sky really is the limit!

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