Science Cheerleader’s sister site,, is the focus of attention over at (highly recommend subscribing to their site…and as well, of course). My partner-in-crime, Michael Gold, and I were interviewed at Harvard during the Humanity Plus Summit where I spoke about citizen science. In the following interview, Michael and I chat about the demographics and motivations of these remarkable people, known as “citizen scientists.” Hope you enjoy it:

From Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who can’t keep up with the sheer amount of scientific progress going on today. Researchers are having trouble too, as they simply don’t have enough man power to deal with the massive quantities of data they are collecting. Luckily, the Internet is here to save the day, again. Realizing that huge numbers of people are interested in science and want to get involved but have no idea where to start, Darlene Cavalier (the original Science Cheerleader) and Michael Gold founded the website to help link people who are passionate about science with researchers who need help with their projects.
The opportunities that are posted come from all realms of scientific pursuits – astronomy, animal studies, climate change, archaeology, and much much more. Our computers may be good, sometimes they just can’t beat a human’s ability to process information. Motherboard met Darlene and Michael at the Humanity+ H+ Summit at Harvard this past spring, and spoke with them about how they are changing the face of scientific discovery. See our interview with them above.

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