The Science Cheerleaders are back for SciFest All Access 2021!

Get to know the Science Cheerleaders, hear about their careers and advice for young aspiring scientists, and download their printable custom bookmarks!

Meet Beverly!

Medical Student

Boston Celtics Cheerleader Alumna


Download Beverly’s printable bookmark

Meet Colleen!

Fire Protection Engineer

Chesapeake Bayhawks Cheerleader Alumna

Download Collens’s printable bookmark


Meet Emily!

Associate Account Executive

San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader

Download Emily’s printable bookmark!

Meet Dr. Felecia!

Clinical Psychologist

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Alumna

Download Dr. Felecia’s printable bookmark

Meet Dr. Hilary!

Cancer Scientist

Colgate University Raiders Cheerleader Alumna,
Director of Recruitment for the Science Cheerleaders

Download Dr. Hilary’s printable bookmark


Satellite Scientist

St. Louis University Cheerleader Alumna

Dr. Kayla

Clinical Sports Psychologist

San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader Alumna

Meet Dr. Kelly!

Professor & Neuroscientist

San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleader,
New England Patriots Cheerleader Alumna

Download Dr. Kelly’s printable bookmark

Dr. Mary Carolyn


Washington Football Team Cheerleader Alumna


Nurse Anesthetist

Washington Football Team Cheerleader Alumna


Engineering Project Manager,
Director of Operations for the Science Cheerleaders

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Alumna

Sammi Jo

Middle School Science Teacher

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Alumna

Sarah H.

Research Associate

Carolina Hurricanes Cheerleader

Sarah S.

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Masters of Public Health Student

Baltimore Raven Cheerleader Alumna


Ph.D. Candidate

New England Patriots Cheerleader Alumna


Chemistry Patent Examiner

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Alumna, Chesapeake Bayhawks Cheerleader Alumna, Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Alumna

Dr. Wendy

Cartilage Engineer,
Start-up Company Co-founder,
Director of Outreach for the Science Cheerleaders

Oakland Raiders Raiderette Alumna, Sacramento Kings Dancer Alumna, Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Alumna

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