We met Jenna at our Super Bowl Event, and are so excited to welcome her to SciCheer!

Hi, Jenna! What turned you on to nursing and when?
My mother is also a nurse and inspired me to follow in her footsteps!

Tell us more about what you do!
I work as a nurse in the emergency room! I assess new patients, take their vital signs (heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, temperature) and monitor cardiac rhythm (the electrical activity of the heart). I also start IV’s and give medications, help carry out tests/treatments that the doctor orders, and provide comfort care. If a patient becomes really sick or their life is in danger, it is my job to notice and call the doctor and other staff to help me save them!

What does it mean for you to be able to work in STEM?
I love my job because I am able to help people on the front line. The patients I care for are often in pain, scared, and very sick. I get to make them smile, feel more comfortable, and keep them/their families informed. It makes me happy!

Why did you try out to be a cheerleader?
Dance was my first passion! Performing on an NFL cheer team is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for a dancer. I was hoping to grow as a person and gain close friends – and I did!

How do the qualities that make you a great cheerleader help you in your professional life?
Being a professional cheerleader taught me how to be a team player. This has helped me so many times as a nurse!

Favorite cheer experience?
Traveling to London with the Cardinals for our international game!

Favorite nursing experience?
Receiving a Daisy nomination from one of patients! This is an award to recognize nurses for providing extraordinary compassionate care.

What advice to you have to aspiring STEM students?
Stop caring about what other people think! Write down your goals & work to achieve them!

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