Introducing our newest SciCheer, Cassidy! Cassidy completed her bachelor’s at Cornell, masters at Columbia, and is now in medical school while cheering for the St. Louis Blues. Read on to learn more about her science and cheer background!


What got you interested in STEM?

Growing up, my career aspirations were quite diverse, ranging from a passion for fashion design to considering a future in law. Although science wasn’t exactly my favorite subject, I consistently excelled in it. The pivotal shift occurred during my ninth-grade biology class where the miracles of the human body captured my imagination. The concept of genes and probabilities became a fun puzzle. I looked forward to going to class each day to talk about how what we learned could help other subjects, current events, and medical breakthroughs. This experience solidified my decision to pursue a career in medicine.

What made you try out to be a cheerleader?

I relocated from New York City to St. Louis to attend medical school, but I really did not know much about the city. I always enjoyed going to hockey games while in undergrad at Cornell, so I decided to attend a hockey game while visiting the med school. While there, I noticed how the cheerleaders engaged with the attendees and how they brought smiles to the faces of those young and old. I decided I want to join the team to bring a balance to my rigorous schedule while also getting to know and serve the city that I will call home for the next four years.

How do the qualities that make you a great cheerleader help you as a future doctor?

Cheerleading has many values that are important while working towards becoming a doctor. The most helpful to me has been working as a team, communicating effectively, prioritizing time management, and leadership. Whether it’s doing research in the lab or working with patients, I am only one member of a care team that’s working toward the goal of improving the health of a patient or making advancements in
healthcare. The ability to communicate, lead and be led, and being more efficient with my time while also respecting the time of others are all things that ultimately create a better patient experience.

What advice would you give your 12-year old self?

Celebrate the small wins just as enthusiastically as you celebrate the big wins. At the end of the day, it’s the small wins that will inspire and motivate you to reach your goals.

What is one fun fact people might not know about you?

I am a children’s book author of a series entitled the I Can Be Book Series. It’s a trilogy that explores the core principles—belief, character, and self-love—that have played a crucial role in my own journey to success. It’s my way of inspiring children to embrace these principles and strive towards becoming the best
version of themselves.


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