As record levels of snow blanket much of the United States this year, SciCheer’s sister site, Science For Citizens, is collaborating with an important climate research project at the University of Waterloo called Snow Tweets. We’re pleased that this is the first of many scientific projects that you’ll be able to do on Science for Citizens.
To help researchers track climate change, we’re requesting that you find a ruler, put on a warm coat, go outside, and measure the depth of snow wherever you happen to be. And then report the depth to us right here. That’s all there is to it! Your simple action will help the planet. Your data will advance climate science, and you’ll get to see your depth report appear on our world map of snow tweets.
To help you get started, Dr. John put together the above “How To” video complete with some empirical evidence from your fellow citizen scientists. Enjoy, and please share wildly on your social network of choice.
This project is part of the Changing Planet series on NBC: a collaboration between the National Science Foundation, NBC News, Discover Magazine and
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