We just learned about a new magazine created for budding female engineers. Thanks to the American Society for Engineering Education for sending us the following information.
What do the blockbuster movie Avatar, high-performance sports gear, the Angry Birds phone app, and pollution-eating bacteria have in common? They are among a host of fascinating innovations developed by engineers and featured in the newest edition of the American Society for Engineering Education’s (ASEE) Engineering, Go For It magazine.
The kid-friendly magazine is part of ASEE’s campaign to inspire more K-12 students, particularly young women and underrepresented minorities, to pursue engineering careers. Illustrating how engineers make a difference in the world, the new edition includes:
* Stories featuring robots that imitate animals, Hollywood special effects, clean energy innovations, and technological advances giving athletes a winning edge.
* Engaging profiles on an array of engineering careers and disciplines.
* Fresh, cutting-edge examples of engineering innovations that are transforming fields from aerospace and medical care to architecture and materials science
* Interviews with eight students currently participating in the Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship sponsored by the Department of Defense and administered by ASEE, available here.
There’s even a related blog. Check it out.

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