citizen science proejct merccurr Chapman Hill
Look Out Microbes!
By students Kerra, Keira and Caleb

Chapman Hill has been invaded by microbes. Well, actually there are microbes all around us. We chose adults that work at our school to help us get samples for Project MERCCURI. Mrs. Litchfield is our principal. She was excited to help us until she found out she needed to take off her boot! We told her that we were going to take a cotton swab and collect any microbes off of her boot. Then we asked her for her cell phone. She placed in on the desk. Then, we took samples. When we finished we reminded her to take her phone or we would use it. She laughed. Mrs. Litchfield said that all principals need cell phones, and she thanked us for the reminder.
It has been exciting to be scientists. We can’t wait to see if one of the microbes we collected from a surface actually goes into space. If it does, will it be called the Oregon microbe that ate the world? We hope that we can do this project again!

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