"Young Edison" and his Grandpop with the Edison Lightbulb Kit

My son’s fourth-grade class presented themselves as living representatives of important historical figures. I was thrilled when my son chose to “be” Thomas Edison! He wanted to experience what it was like to make a light bulb (we learned that while Edison did not invent the light bulb, he created a system that made the electric light bulb practical).
My son and his Grandfather spent time building the light bulb using a terrific kit we ordered from Harris Educational. It’s called “Reinventing Edison: Build Your Own Light Bulb.” They LOVED it! The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The supplemental links and materials provided no shortage of opportunities to deepen their understanding of electricity.
Check out this video produced by the manufacturers of the Reinventing Edison Light Bulb Kit:

Harris Educational’s website states that they hope to “help inspire a life-long love of learning and an appreciation of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) as well as history and invention.” They do this through educational outreach, Reinventing Science kits, and also through free resources. Check them out! I hope you enjoy your experience with their products as much as my son and his Grandfather did!

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