The Council of Science Editors will hold its annual meeting in Baltimore this year (April 29-May 3). Thrilled to be a keynote speaker. The CSE meeting theme, “Making Science Matter,” addresses the “essential role of science editors in communicating the significance of science in our rapidly evolving world.”
Here’s a link to the (very cool) schedule of events and here’s a summary of what I plan to talk about:
While scientists, educators, and policymakers wring their hands over the perceived lack of public interest in and understanding of science, millions of “average” citizens are actively involved in formal research efforts, and, in the process, these so-called citizen scientists are: contributing to real science; enabling professional researchers to significantly increase data collection and sorting; creating a shared space for scientists and citizens to collaborate and build trust; and forcing the science community to rethink what it means to communicate with this new generation of DIYers. What is citizen science? How is it shaping science and what does the future hold? How are scientists and policymakers adapting? Cavalier will explore all of this and more, including a brief (entertaining) overview of some unorthodox methods she uses to attract more “average” citizens to science.
Cavalier is the cofounder of, a new website that matches millions of citizen scientists in the world to the thousands of projects offered by researchers, organizations, and companies, as well as the resources, products, and services that enable citizens to pursue and enjoy these activities. She is also the founder of the popular blog,, most recently featured in Science, The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Scientist, ESPN, CNN and NPR.
If you’re interested in attending, you can register here. Hope to see you there!

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