Kate Baltimore Blast Science Cheerleader at Work
Pleased to introduce you to Kate, a Baltimore Blast cheerleader and a technology marketing executive. Yup, she promotes technologies.
You have a connection to technology but it’s different than our other Science Cheerleaders. What’s your connection?
In my last role I was a Scientific Recruiter and was connected to chemists, biologist, engineers, etc. I had an insider’s perspective of companies in the health sciences field which was really exciting. Currently, in my new position I am assisting a technology company where they engineer the next generation in hand held communication devices.
Kate Baltimore Blast Science CheerleaderWhich came first, your interest in science or cheerleading?
Science first and then dancing, but they are not far displaced.
What’s a typical day like for you on a day when you’re working and cheering?
That is a very long day! I wake up early, work my normal 10 hours, and then I have to quickly switch gears to dance and perform or go to an appearance. It is challenging, and exhilarating, and nothing is more rewarding than the feeling afterwards that I can accomplish anything!
Do you find that stereotypes about cheerleaders helped or hindered your studies or professional experiences?
There is definitely a stereotype that needs to be confronted. My hope is that through organizations like Science Cheerleader we can help to abolish that stereotype for good.
If you could rewind the clock and change your degree, would you?
I wouldn’t change anything, but I may have added a scientific minor, like biology or chemistry.
Do you have any advice for youngsters who might feel torn between following one dream and another?
You can do anything you put your mind to. Allow yourself the time to fully appreciate both experiences and know that you don’t have to choose between them.
Along these lines, what advice would you give your 12-year-old self?
Keep up the good work and ask lots of questions!
What’s one thing people might find especially surprising about you?
I am a closet nerd. I love video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything science fiction.
What are your plans for the future?
I hope to continue to be a successful career woman, cheer as long as possible, and raise a family.
Why do you want to be a Science Cheerleader?
Science and cheerleading are passions of mine. I hope to encourage young girls to not limit themselves to one or the other. I was raised to believe that and it made me who I am today. People learn by example and I am an obvious case study on how it can work!

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