, the sister site of ScienceCheerleader that matches volunteers to scientific researchers in need of some help, was among 11 companies selected by GoodCompany Ventures to help “accelerate the growth of early-stage ventures that generate profit and have a positive social impact. GoodCompany Ventures provides support, facilities, and mentoring to socially conscious entrepreneurs who can make a difference.”
My partners and I just wrapped up week one of this summer bootcamp and we’ve already learned a great deal. Totally psyched about the future of!
If you’re an entrepreneur, you may want to consider checking out an incubator. Here are some of the services Good Company Ventures, for example, provides to its participants:

  • Access to Infrastructure: Conference and office space as well as technology infrastructure within our facility in downtown Philadelphia.
  • Access to Advisors: GoodCompany Ventures has assembled mentors, preferred providers, expert advisors, industry leaders, and start-up gurus.
  • Access to Capital: GoodCompany Ventures will facilitate a first investment round by assembling representatives from leading VC firms and angel investors.

We are in “good company” here at Good Company. I hope to be able to share information about the 10 other start ups soon.
For those of you who are active members of, thanks for being early adopters, thought-leaders, influencers… 🙂 Huge thanks to our founding sponsor, Science House, and early partners: the USA Science and Engineering Festival, the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science, and Scientific Blogging.
We are accepting a limited number of “launch sponsorships” so if you are interested, just let me know.

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