Hooray! Our own Sarah–now Dr. Sarah–is back! Here she is with an update on what the heck she has been up to this past year. Welcome home, Sarah.
IMG_1167Hello fellow cheerleaders!  It has been awhile!  Over the last nine months or so, I have been going through all of the stages of finishing my thesis and graduating with my Ph.D. degree:  getting permission to write, finishing all manuscripts for publication, writing and defending my thesis, commencement, and applying for post-doctoral fellowships.  Those of you who have lived through this know that the completion of a thesis is nothing but stressful, so I am beyond excited to be finished.  In the picture, I am walking through Penn’s campus during the procession of graduates on May 17, 2010.
Now that my graduate work at Penn is behind me, I have moved up to beautiful upstate New York to begin a post-doctoral position at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University.  My position at Cornell is fully funded through 2013 by a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, which is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.  During my time at Cornell, I will be studying novel nitric oxide synthase proteins in the laboratory of Professor Brian Crane.
I am thrilled to return to blogging about scientific issues and the interesting people involved in them.  (I can assure you, this task will be much more fun than any of my other writing projects in the past year.)  Look for more posts from me over the next few months.

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