A very thoughtful person from Switzerland, Joanie, sent this newspaper article (about moi) to me this morning. It’s written in French so she translated it to English. (Thanks, Joanie!)

Hello Darlene,
I read this article in the newspaper yesterday. The paper is called “Le Matin Bleu”, it is published in the Western (French) part of Switzerland. As I found it interesting, I thought you’d like to have it so I have attached it to this email. I also made a translation for you, you’ll find it below. Go on with your ecology projects, I like them. Sincerely,  Joanie.

That takes the cake (idiom equivalent)
In Obama’s country a former cheerleader makes everyone go green.
COMMITMENT. In 1991, Darlene Cavalier hung up her pompoms; after many years in the spotlights with the Philadelphia Sixers, the young woman decides to go green (before its time). Logically, she starts biology studies, gets small jobs here and there, then creates a website, “The Science Cheerleader”, that aims at winning common people over to her passion: the environment. Score! In a country were only 7% of the people says being interested in science, the initiative is a straight success.
Today, the ex-cheerleader is the head of an army of green guys. Her website is getting more and more popular and lists a mass of ideas and projects useful for the earth and easy to apply!
Why hasn’t Obama nominated her as the Head of Energy?

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