This is a guest post from a junior Science Cheerleader, Marie, who led a Science Cheerleader research project with her cheer team this weekend. We’re so proud of Marie and her fellow cheerleaders on the Pop Warner Chicopee Braves who brought science to their Central Mass Jamboree in Springfield, MA!
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In May, I attended the National Pop Warner Scholar Banquet, as a member of the 6th Grade First Team Scholars.
There were many speakers, but one really captivated me, Ms. Patricia Fox, a Science Cheerleader. Ms. Fox cheered for the New England Patriots and she is an engineer. Through her speech, I learned about Science Cheerleader and became instantly interested. I am an honor student at a school specializing in science. I am a cheerleader, both for Pop Warner and my school and I dance several days a week. I want to pursue a career in science, but do not want to sacrifice my love of cheer and dance.
Ms. Fox spoke of the stereotypes that us cheerleaders and dancers face day to day. How can I hold a 3.93 GPA and be recognized consistently at school for academics, yet be a cheerleader and a dancer? I am determined. I have my goals in mind. I can do it all and still do things that I love. I had my mom sign me up for Science Cheerleader and their research project to compare microbes on Earth to those in space, Project MERCCURI. Imagine me being able to take samples of my cheer sneakers, my cell phone and the bleachers at Jamboree and have them analyzed and possibly go up to the International Space Station!
I got this opportunity! On Sunday, August 25th, my squad and I took samples of the bottom of our cheer sneakers and our cell phones and the bleachers. Each girl on my squad had to take the swab and rub it against each item for ten seconds, without directly touching the actual cotton. The girls were very interested in taking part of this experiment. Science was part of the Central Mass Jamboree in Springfield, Massachusetts. I also got to take a sample of the bleachers at Central High School.
I can’t wait to read the results of the experiment. It was really cool to experience what it would be like to be a Science Cheerleader and to bring together two things that I love to do-Science and Cheerleading.
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