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Hi Science Cheerleader fans, Samantha here! I just wrapped up a fabulous weekend at UT Austin where we attended Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day and the Girl Day STEM Festival! Sherry, Katarina, and myself kicked off the event with a big SciCheer welcome. Then we interacted with the over 5,000 attendees to teach them about Science Cheerleaders, citizen science, and tell them about our free e-book, The Science of Cheerleading. It was great: 5,000 elementary and middle school girls with their families to learn about STEM!
Check out some of the pictures we took below!
Girl Day Group 2   Girl Day Sherry Girl Day Group 1   Girl Day SciCheers
One of our favorite moments? These sweet girls have never cheered before, but after meeting us, they put together their own cheer celebrating their school! We were so moved by the teamwork and dedication these girls have! They are proof that you can do anything you set your mind to! Thanks for the performance, ladies!
Girl Day Cheer 2 Girl Day Cheer 1

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