Are you an evangelist for engineering/science? Do you try to convince young people to consider engineering as a college major? Do you spend your entire time at a cocktail party convincing people that engineers are not (necessarily) train conductors? If so, the National Academy of Engineering has a site you will find very useful.
The NAE just launched Engineering Messages in an effort to assist those who create messages for the engineering community, using lessons learned during focus group testing they undertook to write their “Changing the Conversation” report.
This site will be of great use to anyone with an interest in the future health and welfare of the U.S. engineering workforce, and can assist people such as college recruiters, parents, professional societies, corporate marketers, and engineering evangelists in marketing engineering to young people and the public. The site has built a community around web 2.0 applications where people can learn from each other, comment on examples of good and not-so-good messaging efforts, share ideas, and interact with peers. Also found on the site are case studies, a tip sheet, and presentations from a workshop conducted in part to strengthen the site.

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