While my son warmed up for the big ball game on Saturday, I spotted a group of people planting, sweeping and beautifying the urban garden adjacent to the ballpark.
That’s where I met Cynthia Temple and her co-volunteers who help keep one of many urban parks looking good.
“Why do you do this?” I asked Cynthia, her arms elbow-deep in soil.
“I don’t think people realize that when you get involved, not only do you contribute your time but you spur others on to get involved.  That’s one reason I do it,” she replied.  “Another aspect of  greening our neighborhood, is that when people see an area is cared for, it gets less garbage, less vandalism, less graffiti.  Multiple benefits.”
Cynthia and her team were part of the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s Spring Into Your Park effort, a city-wide event to kick off spring season with park cleanups, educational activities, flea markets, plant sales and music festivals in our parks. According to PHS’s website, last year nearly 2,000 volunteers helped revitalize 68 parks throughout Philadelphia. Besides tossing 2,000 bags of trash and debris, they also planted over 2,000 annuals and nearly 100 trees.
Gooooo Cynthia and fellow greeners!

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