The winner of the $25,000 Homeland Security Award, presented by the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, will be honored during the evening of September 11th in Washington, D.C. (I do some work for the Foundation–recommending worthy candidates–so I’ll be at the ceremony.)  Check out the Columbus site to get ahold of some of the fascinating work folks are doing to keep us safe. It’ll make you feel warm and cozy.) I’ll be in D.C. Sept 11 and Sept 12. Got a couple of other meetings lined up but if you think there’s something I should cover while I’m there, let me know!
Same goes for my visit to NYC where I’m scheduled to meet with a pal from Business Week and another from Discover. That’ll be the day before…on September 10th.
Until Labor Day, I’ll be hanging at the beach, here on Long Beach Island.

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