The South by Southwest (SxSW) Interactive conference in Austin, TX, showcases the brightest minds in the world of emerging and web technology (Darlene was a speaker there last year and, this year, helped Discover Magazine and the National Science Foundation present The Future of Gaming…she’ll tell you all about that), but I am always pleasantly surprised to find a few hidden science gems. This year, I attended sessions exploring open science, the intersection between science and cooking, and the future of gaming research, and I had the opportunity to meet some of the amazing organizations that make up Women Techies Unite.
However, nothing surprised me more than running into Tia and Jordan, the two science-loving Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in video above. They were kind enough to give this Science Cheerleader shout-out, which more than makes up for the inevitable backlash I will recieve from fellow Arizona Cardinals fans.
Several items worth noting:
1. I did not know the Cowboys Cheerleaders would be at SxSW.
2. Those are my lab goggles, and I did bring them to the conference.
3. That is not my cowboy hat.
4. I too am impressed by how natural and comfortable I look wearing a cowboy hat.
5. This video does not indicate in any way that I am less opposed to any modicum of success potentially achieved by the Dallas Cowboys football team.
6. The Arizona Cardinals will still win the Super Bowl in 2011. I guarantee it.
7. I am also guaranteeing that guarantee.
Gooooooooooooo SCIENCE!

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