crowdPhilly NetSquared , a local chapter of the national organization, NetSquared ,brings together web innovators and social changemakers to socialize, strategize, learn from and inspire one another.
Last week, I had the opportunity to share the vision of Science Cheereleader’s sister site, during one of Philly NetSquared’s monthly meetings. This particular meeting was built on the concept of Crowdsourcing Change:

“Crowdsourcing Change” will be a highly participatory event where attendees will have an opportunity to help three “Social Changers” who are using –or trying to use — the social web for the common good. The way it will work is that presenters will first explain the change they are trying to achieve through social media. Attendees, with the help of a moderator, will then provide feedback, ideas, constructive criticism and concrete instructions to help the presenters succeed. This is a great opportunity to learn and to have an impact.”

It was a wonderful experience and the attendees provided excellent suggestions (many of which will be employed). In the spirit of all the embodies  it was fitting to tap the wisdom of the crowds in our effort to strengthen! Thank you, Philly NetSquared (and Jacquie Lewis for nominating me)!

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