Meet Liza, a former L.A. Rams cheerleader. She’s now a successful  make-up artist and she wrote to me with this science question:

“Can you tell me if there’s any science to support claims that promote the benefits of ‘bioengineered human protein’ (KGF) found in cosmetics products?”
I punted the question to a rep from the American Chemical Society who replied with this: “KGF stands for keratinotyte growth factor.  Bioengineered forms of KGF means that someone in a laboratory has tweaked the original, natural form of KGF by, for example, slightly altering the sequence of amino acid building blocks that link into KGF. All that said, as someone who understands chemistry and industry, I approach the claims of anti-aging products with a truckload of skepticism, especially ones demanding such an extreme redistribution of my wealth.”
Liza, you might also find this article on “Cosmedicine” helpful.

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