In honor of Veterans’ Day, we want to take this opportunity recognize all of our troops including a few who are also Science Cheerleaders:


In addition, we received a  great note from the Miami Dolphins’ front office to inform us that Dolphins Cheerleaders participated in a salute to our military during a 15-day tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Africa!

Dolphins cheerleader and nurse, Chantal, is fourth from the left.

This was arranged by the Department of Defense’s Armed Forces Entertainment. Over a 15-day period, the group visited six bases and the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan to tour, perform a 45-minute show, sign autographs, and share giveaways with the troops, finding plenty of Dolphins fans among them! It’s part of a tradition the Dolphins have kept since 2001, with more than a dozen trips devoted to visiting our military.
Science Cheerleader Chantal, a nursing student and Dolphins Cheerleader who participated in the tour, shared this:

Going on tour through Southwest Asia to visit our U.S troops was truly an unforgettable experience. Getting chosen to represent the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders on this trip was such an honor. We were able to tour the bases we visited and learn about what each unit did. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner in their dining facility every day and those were probably my favorite moments because we were able to sit with the troops and really get to know everyone. I can honestly say that everyone I met made an impact in one way or another on me and taught me something I didn’t know before. It also made me feel very humbled that we were able to provide entertainment that the troops could enjoy! Something I will never forget is just how grateful everyone was for our visit when really we were the ones who were thankful for them!

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