Big News! The Science Cheerleaders were featured by Diversity in STEAM Magazine.

Diversity is an integral part of who the Science Cheerleaders are and the message we share, and we are thrilled to be able to tell our stories. Check out the note from the Editor, and our feature, below.

“It may be unfortunate but this is a stereotype we’re all familiar with… In movies, TV shows and books, cheerleaders appear to be the ones most often typecast with this narrative, which has somehow in our society become synonymous with being ‘an airhead…”

“Our cover story this month, the Science Cheerleaders, are committed to banishing this stereotype…The Science Cheerleaders are also paving the way for younger generations starting to see themselves in a whole new light…”

Check out the Science Cheerleader cover story by clicking on the image below, or the full magazine issue here:

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