Hello, Science Cheerleader fans! Brittany is one of two current Washington Wizard Gals who will be joining the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science & Engineering Festival April 16-17See what she has to say!
What turned you onto technology and when? My computer classes in high school turned me onto technology. I had an amazing teacher that always made going to the computer lab an adventure. She always found new and innovative ways to teach us software and applications.
What is your STEM field? Technology (Information Systems)
Which came first for you, technology or cheer leading? Technology and cheerleading (dance) came in parallel. Both started in high school, and I continued to do both throughout college and post grad.
Best cheerleading experience? There have been so many great cheerleading experiences, but one of the top experiences was the journey I took to become Wizard Girl. When I walked into the Verizon Center, it had felt like I had found my new dance home. I had the pleasure of receiving a ‘Bye’ on the first day of prep classes, which allowed me to automatically advance to finals. That had to be one of the most exciting, and best, cheerleading experience thus far in WG career.
Best technology experience? Learning automation had to be the best technology experience I’ve had thus far. To be able to code using WorkSoft, and watch my code trigger buttons and navigate through web pages without me lifting a finger, was definitely an unforgettable experience. It opened my eyes to how much technology has to offer, and how I can’t wait to dive further into the field.
What advice would you give your 12-year old self? Put your heart into every opportunity that presents itself. Never walk by sight. Things may not seem like they can’t fully push you into the right direction, but take them on anyways, and try to understand the skills you obtain from them. Everything happens for a reason, so why not take on every opportunity that comes your way?

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