Summer means school’s out, but there’s still plenty of great science reading if you know where to look.   Here are some great posts to check out to get ready for Summer fun!
Summer kicks off with the “longest day of the year” – at least if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. (The days are really short in the Southern Hemisphere right now.)  Matthew Francis has a great post that explains the Summer Solstice and why it stays light late in this part of the world these days.
For many of us, Summer often means a day at the beach. Miriam Goldstein at Deep Sea News shares an important video about riptides – how they work, how to spot them, and how to stay safe.
Summer can also mean putting on a lot of insect repellent.  Mosquito bites are not pleasant here in the US, but they’re much worse in other parts of the world – some mosquitoes spread terrible diseases such as malaria.    John Timmer at Ars Technica writes about how scientists are trying to breed a new kind of mosquito that won’t spread this devastating disease and introduce it into areas where this is a problem.
Finally, Summer is also a great time to look at the stars on a warm evening. The American Geophysical Union spent some time talking with people who REALLY like to look not only at the stars, but back at the Earth – they interviewed three astronauts on the International Space Station.  It’s really worth a look.

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