Happy New Year everyone – I’m back to share some of the best the science blogosphere has to offer the rest of us.  Each January, many science bloggers gather in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina for the annual ScienceOnline conference.   Darlene has presented here in previous years, and this year’s program features some big names in the community.  People like:
Joanne Manaster.  Joanne should be familiar to readers here.  She’s actually going through the entire list of conference attendees, visiting their blogs, and writing about it on Twitter.  She’s also listing her tweets on her own blog, so you get a huge link list of literally hundreds of science bloggers plus suggestions on posts to read.  (In other words, she’s making me look bad.  Just kidding, Joanne.)
Krystal D’costa.  Krystal is a NYC-based anthropologist and she’s become one of my go-to reads as of late.  Here she examines why deep voices in men are considered attractive.  Kinda cool.
Emily Eggleston.  Emily is a writer pursuing two masters’ degrees at once at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Joanne found a really cool post Emily wrote about the science of snowflakes – she called it “the crystals of winter.”
Andrea Kuszewski.  Andrea is a neuroscientist, educator, and artist who has a huge following in social networks. This is another post Joanne found – Andrea explains the merging of art and science.
I’m really looking forward to the conference, to hearing from these great writers, and sharing their work with you…

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