Another great guest post from David Wescott.I’ve been remiss in posting lately due to various events and, well, life. Sorry about that. And now, here’s David:
I love my job, but when things get busy there isn’t much time to share some of the best the science blogosphere has to offer.  I’ve been delinquent in my duties here, so I’ll offer up a heaping of wholesome sciencey goodness…
This Is What A Scientist Looks Like.  Allie Wilkinson has a great new blog that shares Science Cheerleader’s mission – break the stereotype of what a scientist looks like.  Allie asks scientists to submit pictures of themselves doing whatever they want.  I think it’s so cool I wrote about it at The Broad Side.
Food Evolution.  Face it – you gotta love a food blog that talks about science.  “Dr. Ricky” has a blog called “Dude, yougoing to eat that?” He has a tag called “evolution” that discusses how foods have evolved – both the genetic makeup of the ingredients as well as the changes in culturally significant recipes over time.  Caution: Do NOT read this blog when you’re hungry.
Stars Come of Age.  Jason Carr at the Unastronomer has one of those blogs with all the cool pictures of outer space.  This post features young stars in the Orion Nebula that change before your eyes.  He writes a lot about how these pictures are taken and how astronomers across the world work together to get them right.
Dissecting the cause of the “Black Death.” OK, so this isn’t exactly an upper.  But it’s a fascinating story.  Jonathan Gitlin at the NIH “Genome Advance of the Month” blog shares a study from October you may have missed – it combines genomics, public health and archaeology to determine the exact cause of the plague that killed nearly half the population of Europe about 700 years ago.
Alien Invaders of the Georgia Coast. Tony Martin looks at the gorgeous Barrier Islands of Georgia, but decides they’re not as “pristine” as you might think – it’s an interesting look at how invasive species change environments over time.
The Last Thing A Fly Sees.  Also somewhat morbid, but I got a chuckle out of it.  From Beatrice the Biologist. I learned about this blog recently – it’s written by a former biology teacher.  She’s also developing a science game for the iPhone.

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