Aw, shucks. Thanks for this awesome review about the Science Cheerleaders, BlogHer! The comments are inspiring, too:

“I looooove this!! Where can I sign up? I’m sure there’ll be all sort of comments about the exploitation of women and objectifying women’s bodies. But I don’t care. This is one of those places where my feminism embraces my femininity fully. And the positive role models just trump all. Excellent piece!! :)”
“This is brilliant! ”
“I love this for so many reasons. It’s cute, it’s catchy, and it has something to say. You can have beauty and brains. You can be smart and not be a geek. You can be a cheerleader and not be ignorant. Breaking down stereotypes and teaching science along the way. Somebody give that woman a cookie!”

(Just treated myself to a cookie!)

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