As featured on the BBC this week. Reporter Jane O’Brien profiles the Science Cheerleader event at NASA:

NASA has put men on the moon and robots on Mars…but getting girls interested in science remains a struggle. Across America the gender gap is widening and the Obama administration is warning that the nation is falling behind other countries in science, technology, engineering and math.
Now NASA is trying a new, but controversial approach to the problem – enlisting the help of women who’ve made a career in these subjects, but who might be better known for their dance steps and ability to shake a pompom. The Science Cheerleaders are professional cheerleaders¬† but also chemists, engineers, biologists and doctors. At the request of NASA and the White House they’ve come to Washington to help raise awareness of science among girls.

Jane O’Brien reports: Science_CHEERLEADER_MIX
And, here’s a cool video NASA put together for its This Week@NASA series.

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