In 1996, a photographer at Discover Magazine (where I work) asked me to be the subject of a “before and after” image. “Depends,” I replied. “Am I the ‘before’ or ‘after’?”   “Both,” he said. “We want to take an average woman and stretch her likeness into Barbie’s proportions to see what she’d look like.”
I’m the average woman in this picture. Here’s the text that accompanied the photo in the magazine: “To match the proportions of a Barbie doll, an attractive woman with a normal shape (left) would have to transform her height, waist, and bust to appear like the figure on the right.”
The point was to demonstrate why it’s down-right silly for girls and women to aspire towards unrealistic body proportions, such as Barbie’s. (And/or to humiliate me in a stunningly public way as my first thought when I saw the picture was “Burn the skirt and no more witch shoes!”)
Well, who never ages, has taken up a new career based on consumers’ votes: Computer Engineer! Check this out.

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