Meet Sandra, a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader who’s now an emergency room registered nurse.
Tell us about yourself, Sandra:
I’ve always loved science. I remember receiving a telescope and microscope science kit when I was in elementary school. I think all sciences are fascinating!
My favorite classes included Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology. In fact, while in nursing school, I took a microbiology course that I loved so much, I almost quit nursing to pursue a career in microbiology.
Unlike, Michelle, the former New Orleans Saints cheerleader-turned-chemist, I wasn’t as “into” chemistry and physics compared to biological sciences.
Some people think of  Cheerleading and Science as two worlds. In my opinion, I think being a former cheerleader may have helped my career.  As cheerleaders, we are ambassadors for our organization and we must have people skills. These also happen to be terrific qualities in nursing because we are so hands-on with patients, we stand behind the hospitals we work for, and it’s important our patients feel we are rooting for their recovery.
Whether someone is considering a career in science or not, nothing in this world is more empowering than to do what you love (dance/cheer) and back it up with a good education and awesome grades. Being smart IS beautiful and dancing/cheering will give you an outlet! I’ve danced and cheered with some of the most brilliant women in this world who have gone on to become doctors, engineers, science and math teachers, and nurses.  Nothing geeky about that!
GOOOO Science!
Sandra from Atlanta

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